Copa Truck: Iveco Usual Racing wins with Felipe Giaffone and takes the podium with Djalma Pivetta in Goiânia

The team from Laranjal Paulista (SP) won four podiums in the fourth stage of the championship

The Iveco Usual Racing team put on a show in Goiânia, this Sunday, winning one victory and four podiums in the fourth stage of the Copa Truck. Felipe Giaffone won race 1 leading every lap and took the podium in race 2 with fifth place.

Djalma Pivetta also won two podiums, the driver took the Iveco #21 to third place in the Super Truck class in race 1 and fourth in race two. In addition, the driver from Laranjal Paulista was in tenth place overall in the first race, confirming the good phase of the team.

Raphael Abbate faced engine problems and did not start in Goiânia.

With the result Felipe Giaffone occupies the third place in the PRO category. In the Super Truck Raphael Abbate is in third place while Djalma Pivetta is in eighth.

The team’s next commitment to Copa Truck will take place on July 10, in Londrina.

The Races:

Starting from pole position, Felipe Giaffone made an excellent start and kept the lead, Djalma Pivetta was in eighth position while Raphael Abbate was in the pits performing the engine change. In the following laps Giaffone started to defend himself from Beto Monteiro’s attacks, Pivetta was 12th overall and sixth in the Super Truck.

On the fourth lap, the safety truck was activated to remove a truck that had broken down on the pit straight. Two laps later the green flag was waved, Giaffone again made a good start and kept the lead.

At this moment Pivetta was looking for the Super Truck podium and was in fourth place in the class. The pilot from Laranjal Paulista (SP) tried to recover positions and attacked Jaidson Zini in search of 10th place overall.

Meanwhile Felipe Giaffone was running a race without errors and opened two seconds of advantage to Beto Monteiro, the second place. On the penultimate lap Pivetta, who had a great race pace, took third place in the Super Truck and tenth place overall.

After 14 laps completed, Felipe Giaffone took the checkered flag in first, leading all laps. Djalma Pivetta kept the tenth place and with the third position in the Super Truck won his seventh podium in the category.

In the second race Felipe Giaffone lined up in eighth place by the inverted grid rule among the top eight, Pivetta started from tenth place. The rider of the #4 brute made a good start and was in sixth place while the #21 Iveco appeared in 13th position.

On the second lap, the multi-champion in the trucks took fifth place with a great maneuver on the low “S”, however he lost his position on the pit straight due to the difference in power to the competitors. Two laps later Felipe made a good pass over Danilo Alamini at the center of the track and was sixth.

On the sixth lap, Djalma Pivetta overcame a competitor and took the 12th place overall, Giaffone remained in sixth.

On the last lap Felipe Giaffone made a spectacular maneuver in the last corner and with only seven thousandths of a lead he took fifth place at the finish line. Djalma Pivetta also gained a position and received the checkered flag in 11th place overall and fourth in the Super Truck.

What did they say:

“It was a nice weekend, starting on Saturday with pole and with victory on Sunday. It seems that we have something with Iveco and Goiânia that every year we manage to get ahead and win. It means that we are on the right track with the team. . We came from a good result in Interlagos too. The second race was more painful, we lost a little speed on the straight, but we got another podium.”

Felipe Giaffone

“I’m celebrating those two podiums, third and fourth in today’s races. It was my best weekend in the category since I joined Copa Truck. I am really happy!”

Djalma Pivetta
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